Boris McCutcheon grew up on a farm in Massachusetts, running through white pine swamps with songs playing in his head. He went north to study poetry. He went east to sing to the oceans. He went west to God’s country and breathed in the redwoods. He backtracked to the mountains of New Mexico and found gardens of mullein and chamisa and then the mother ditch. One clear day under New Mexican skies, he met a stuttering ex-junkie punk reggae drummer from Dallas who challenged him to drop the farmer’s plow and start playing the songs he had in his head. And this is what he did.

Boris walking in the desert with a mandolin on his back

Photo by Anne Staveley

I'm Here. Let Me In.

Boris McCutcheon's new solo album arrives

U.S. release November 15, 2017!

Boris's new solo album, I’m Here. Let Me In. (Cactusman/Frogville © 2018), drops on November 15th. You can purchase or download the album across platforms and, as always, at CD Baby and at Lucky Dice. Produced by Steve Mayone, the core tracks on I’m Here. Let Me In. were recorded by Boris himself at his studio in Dixon, NM. The album was mixed by Bill Palmer at Frogville Studios. It features many local favorites, as well as Steve's brilliant vocals and guitar work, the phenomenal accordion player John Shapiro, and two live tracks with The Mighty Salt Licks all-star line-up! The album sounds like nothing else Boris has done. I’m Here. Let Me In. has gained early momentum in Boris’s traditional European stomping grounds, landing on the EuroAmericana chart in July and jumping to #3 in August. Boris will be touring the album here and overseas in 2018.

Album notes and lyrics here >

album cover for I'm Here. Let Me In. (2017)

Boris's latest solo album, I'm Here. Let Me In.


Boris and his dog

photo by Anne Staveley

I’m Here. Let Me In. and other things

It's been a wet Fall here in Dixon NM. The Embudo river is flowing strongly again. I have been hunting Elk for the second time in my life with a friend and my two kids Niamh and Jack. Read more...

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