Cactusman Versus the Blue Demon

Cactusman Versus the Blue Demon

Frogville, 2005

No, it’s not for kids! The concept for the cover and illustrations came from a dream Boris had about… well… battling a blue demon. Colorful cover aside, the songs range from quirky to serious to sublime. This is an album filled with surprises that continue to reward on each new listen.

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All songs © Boris McCutcheon/Cactusman Records (ASCAP) except
4. “Chicken Man” is a co-written song with author Steve Almond, esteemed writer and great supporter of the Salt Licks
11. “Caves of Burgundy” © Mark Ray Lewis, Outside Agitator (ASCAP)

  1. Volcanic Wind
  2. Gloriously Tangled
  3. Green Wish
  4. Chicken Man
  5. Deathgrip
  6. Seeds and Candy
  7. Pilgrim
  8. Branded
  9. Torn Faith
  10. Don’t Get Weird
  11. Caves of Burgundy
  12. Hold That Thought
  13. Charles Mingus Bird

Album Credits

Thanks to Joyce Cutcheon and Laura McCutcheon. To the amazing people that adopted this album! To Big John Treadwell and the refuge and warmth of the Frogville family. A special thanks to the brilliance of Bill Palmer and Kevin Zoernig. Thanks to Tim Eyester. And last, but not least, thanks to all the Blessed Salt Licks who contributed their super powers.



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